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The full range of ProMedoss services is now available in Israel

The full range of ProMedoss services is now available in Israel through our subsidiary ProMedoss Israel.
ProMedoss Israel offers Israel-based entrepreneurs, start-ups and incubators involved in the development of medical devices convenient, local access to every advantage that ProMedoss has to offer, including decades of experience, international capabilities and connections to the FDA and other regulatory authorities.
From quality management systems through clinical trials to usability studies, we will ensure that your medical device complies with all relevant requirements of FDA and other international and regional regulatory bodies, including the Israeli Ministry of Health. Our local representatives will use their extensive networks to identify opportunities for collaboration with incubators (חממות), accelerators and venture capital funds. We will carry out the entire process of rishum amar (רישום אמ”ר) on your behalf, right up until are ready to take your product to market. We will even keep you up to date with the latest developments in the FDA, European and global regulations that apply to the medical device you are developing.
We deliver all these localized benefits and more in Hebrew and with Israeli invoicing, as required by the Israel Innovation Authority (formerly known as the Office of the Chief Scientist -המדען הראשי ).