Business Meeting


As you prepare for regulatory approval/clearance for your product/device/service, preparing for market launch can be daunting. We can help you by strategizing, mapping and implementing business processes and the required supporting infrastructure, systems and tools you will need to manufacture or have manufactured your products, sell your products and services, and support your customers to make your business run smoothly. If you are already an ongoing concern and want to scale or simply finds ways to improve efficiencies and cost, we can assist as well by:

  • Developing your operational strategy then identifying and mapping key business processes crossing multiple functions, designating process owners along with headcount, facilities (internal or outsourced), systems and tools needed for executing your processes.

  • Identifying opportunities for improvement by analyzing the current state, defining the end state and identifying gaps where action plans can then be generated and managed with assigned responsibilities and timelines, whether it’s to fix existing problems, scale the business or find ways to increase productivity and reduce costs.

  • Facilitating change management for your organization or specific teams

Whether you have a need to startup a manufacturing facility, be it your own or with a contract manufacturer, create and implement the supply chain from component suppliers to manufacture your product, manage inventory then distribute finished products to your customers or implement a sound framework and tools to enable your staff to sell and support your customers, ProMedoss can be your partner for defining and implementing effective business solutions.